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Virus Restrictions Information

Weddings Photography and a COVID-19 Safe Environment for 2020 policy and advisory document. 

None of us want to be infected with the virus so we must take some measures to protect ourselves through a range of preventative strategies such as facemasks, gloves, hand gel and sanitary wipes. On arrival we need to have these items to hand.

The wedding venue will provide measures to protect us while your wedding progresses, we all will receive instruction while the event proceeds while inside the venue. I will be wearing a facemask and if necessary gloves and I will have my own hand sanitizer. 

Outside in the open air with confetti, social distancing needs to be observed and gloves or hand sanitizers must be used before the confetti is thrown. 

Photos in the garden comes with some guidance, the Government has requested we use bubble groups by house holds and/or family groups that have be supporting each other during this time of the Covid-19 virus, this is convenient for the myself as a photographer as I can use the groups in the photography after the wedding in the garden, we are unable to mix the bubble groups but we need not use facemasks and gloves all the time during the photography provided the integrity of the bubble groups is kept, social distancing must be observed outside of each bubble group. Within the your group social distancing need not be observed. Groups must stay at least 2 metres away from other groups.

Further to this information, there will be information to follow on my website.

There are links on my Facebook page to help you navigate current advice... Facebook Page

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COVID-19 Safe Services for 2020/21
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>>>Bridle Couple Portraits<<<

COVID-19 Safe Services for 2020/21

Bridal Couple Portraits are taken on the day of the wedding on location


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